Mouth guards

Play safe and protect your teeth !

Professional Mouth guards

Professional mouthguard

Protect your smile as well as your head from injuries using a professionnal made to measure mouthguard just for you!
Studies have proved;

  • Diminish  dentals fractures
  • Diminish bone fractures
  • Diminish lip injuries
  • Prevent loss of teeth
In order to maximize the effects of mouthguards ;
  • It must be well ajusted to your teeth
  • Be comfortable
  • Let you speak adequately
  • Let you breath properly
  • Be made out of an approved substance

Types of Mouthguards

Uni-Pro and Multi-Pro mouthguards


  • Offers a basic protection
  • Solid colour
  • Economic
  • Offers a better protection
  • Multi-layered (laminated)
  • Sports with contact
  • Solid or multi-coloured choices

Mouth Guards for everyone

Sports teams ;

  • We can customize mouth guards according to your team colours !
  • Clinical time frames can be reserved to take dental impressions for all members of your team.
  • Trainers and volunteers, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Patients with orthodontic appliances;

  • Mouth guards reduce the risk of injuries to lips and mouth which may be caused by the wear of braces in case of accidents while practicing your favorite sport.
  • A customized mouth guard can be adapted to your teeth while in treatment.