First Visit

Our goal is to give your the personnal attention you deserve



If your dentist took a panoramic x-ray please bring it with you at the first consultation.
Otherwise, we will be able to take one at our office for a minimum cost.


Before your appointement

Please fill out the following form prior to your appointment.


During your first visit to our office you should be prepared to :

⦁ Inform us of your exact goals and results you wish us to obtain regarding your treatment
⦁ Specific dental measurements which will enable Dr Carrière in preparing his diagnosis
⦁ Explanation of treatment plan using computer graphics
⦁ Demonstration of appliances that you may need during treatment
⦁ Make the appropriate financial arrangements, insurance documents and schedule your next

During your first visit,

we will do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible by answering all your questions to reduce any apprehension you could have and to put you at ease.